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With trails progressing from strider friendly pump tracks to jumps that will send you to overhead heights. Bermed trails and flowing rhythms there’s something for everyone at the Truckee Bike Park.
Dirt Jumps
From beginner to intermediate lines these dirt jumps will have you itching to get airborne. Check the map for beginner to advanced lines. All lines do cross so  remember to look before you leap.
Pump/Strider Track​
The 30,000 sq foot pump track and strider track can be enjoyed by anyone. It is designed to help fine tune bike handling skills and timing. The object is to maintain momentum throughout the course with minimal pedaling.  
Flow Lines​
The flow lines at The Park are a great way to learn how to maintain speed and grace while progressing through various jumps. This is where riders can strut their stuff and show off their own unique styles. 
Dual Slalom Track
The dual slalom allows riders of all skill levels to race side-by-side. The course consists of rollers and berms. The dual slalom course gives riders the chance to challenge their friends head-to-head. Check events to participate in upcoming races.
XC Loop/XC Trail 

Starting just off of the parking lot this 1.5 mile short track loop around The Park will get any new rider ready for the trails. It is a great place to test cornering and maneuverability with few natural features. At The Park entrance there is secondary start for the single track trail that will put you out on the return path for the flow lines and dual slalom. 

Drop Zone 

With 5 progression of drop levels anyone can work on their drops. Remember to look before you leap, follow the return path and have fun! There are 2 wooden drops and 3 rock drops. 


Slope Style: Black Line

Located just south of the parking lot and The Upper Dirt Jump Zone, the slopestyle line has a fun mix of dirt and wood features. Starting the line off with 5-foot wooden lips and dirt landings in the beginning, to wallride/satellite and overhead drops, and a whaletail, all ending with an up box and finishing with a berm carrying your speed back to the return line to do it all over again.

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