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The Truckee Bike Park was founded by Brooks Mcmullin and Cortney Knudson, two individuals with the dream of bringing a world-class bike park to the town of Truckee. The two of them have taken on the attitude of “Whatever it Takes” and have worked on this bike park every day since 2010 volunteering in every aspect, project managing, raising all the funds, digging, to bring you this amazing park you are experiencing today. The park has been built with dollars that have been privately raised through the non-profit “Biking for a Better World” and has been FREE FOR YOU TO RIDE since its opening in July, 2011.

It isn't free to build and maintain however, this park relies on donations to exist. Individuals and organizations have donated and sponsored the park to fund the building and expansion of trails each year. Brooks and Cortney have not compromised on hiring quality trail builders. Only builders that have built all over the world and meet their standards have been chosen to build here. Being riders and builders themselves, Brooks and Cortney have collaborated with professional builders making the trails creative, progressive, and fun for all levels of riders. Together they have brought you one of the most progressive bike parks in the world. Every dollar donated goes straight back into the park for you, your family, and for all of OUR friends to enjoy as well as progress our skills.


Biking for a Better World is the non-profit that builds The Park. However, maintenance and building projects take time and money.

A few new projects are coming to the The Park that will blow your socks off. However, Biking for a Better World is in need of your help.


Make a donation today and help us keep the Truckee Bike Park fresh, beautiful and expanding! 


With your support, we can keep the magic happening! 




We made it easy to donate to the park! Scan the QR code or click below to go to our Venmo account.

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  4. Volunteer at the park

  5. Sweep & pick up after yourself

  6. Tell a friend, or 6!

  7. Read, understand and apply all of the rules

  1. Make a donation

  2. Ask a friend or business to match your donation

  3. Sponsor a paver 

  4. Sponsor a rock

  5. Sponsor a feature

  6. Sponsor a line

  7. Purchase a clinic or class for yourself or a friend

  8. Drop a donation in 'The Park Ranger'

  9. Shop online with AmazonSmile and donate a percentage of your purchase to Biking for a Better World

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