Do Your Part

 For The Park.


Biking for a Better World is the non-profit that builds The Park. However, maintenance and building projects take time and money.

A few new projects are coming to the The Park that will blow your socks off. However, Biking for a Better World is in need of your help.


Make a donation today and help us keep the Truckee Bike Park fresh, beautiful and expanding! 


With your support, we can keep the magic happening! 


Spend Nothing
  1. Tell a friend about Truckee Bike Park

  2. Like or share Truckee Bike Park's Facebook page 

  3. Tag #truckeebikepark on social media

  4. Volunteer at the park

  5. Sweep & pick up after yourself

  6. Tell a friend, or 6!

  7. Read, understand and apply all of the rules

  1. Make a donation

  2. Ask a friend or business to match your donation

  3. Sponsor a paver 

  4. Sponsor a rock

  5. Sponsor a feature

  6. Sponsor a line

  7. Purchase a clinic or class for yourself or a friend

  8. Drop a donation in 'The Park Ranger'

  9. Shop online with AmazonSmile and donate a percentage of your purchase to Biking for a Better World

Spend Something